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What time is the lesson and how long is it?

Surf lessons are dependent on low tide and swell size, so the time of the lesson changes each day and is approx. within an hour of low tide. Lessons are two hours long.

Where do the lessons take place?

Lessons are at Pan Dulce beach in Matapalo. The instructor will be waiting for you in front of Casa Bambu.

Can young children take a lesson?

The age limit for a normal group lesson is 8 years old. Please let us know if you are signing up a young child (8-12 yrs.). If the child is younger than 8 they must take a private lesson.

What should I bring to the lesson?

A soft top board and rash guard are provided so all you need to bring is plenty of sunscreen.

Do you rent boards?

Our rental policy is as follows: You must take at least one lesson to get to know the break before you rent a board. At the end of your first lesson the instructor will evaluate whether or not you are capable of going out on your own. If so you can rent a board for $25 for 2hrs. You must stay at Pan Dulce with the rental board.

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