The wave here is perfect for learning

I’ve taken lessons at different places, but found it to be much more difficult because the waves were more constant and strong. Pan Dulce was a great wave for the whole family to learn on.
 ~ Julia King, Denver Colorado


Learn to surf on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica’s most biologically diverse area. The water is a wonderful 85 degrees year around. Lessons are taught at Pan Dulce Beach. The wave is a perfect right point break for beginners. It is a forgiving wave that makes learning fun without any hazards. Whether you are 8 or 78 it’s a dream wave to learn on.

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Stand Up Paddle

Stand-up Paddle boarding, a.k.a SUP, originated in Hawaii in the 1960’s.   Surf instructors used the technique for better visibility so they could see what was going on around them.  The sport has recently gained popularity with people riding SUP’s on lakes, rivers, and oceans.

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